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Why do a First Look??

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At every consult Rob and I bring up the first look and see if the couple is willing to have it or not. Some couples have no clue what it even is and our job is to educate all of our wonderful couples on exactly what it is , and why we recommend it. Down here in the south, it is very traditional for the bride and groom to see each other for the first time walking down the aisle. If you know me, I am all about tradition…. but this is the one rule I am willing to break!

A First Look is when a bride and groom see one another before the wedding ceremony in a very special moment with just the two of them. No words can describe the heartfelt emotions and reactions of that instant when the couple sees each other for the first time on the most important day in their love story… SO why should you consider a first look?

Here are some benefits of a first look:

– INTIMATE TIME ALONE. Being able to enjoy that romantic,special moment….just the two of you!  When they swing open the doors and it’s time for you to walk down the aisle, there he is down the aisle smiling back at you and your beauty!  But what people don’t realize is that when you come down the aisle he can’t even tell you how gorgeous you look… he can’t touch you, hug you, or even talk to you. Having that first look ,being able to hug, cry, kiss, smile, laugh, and not feel like you have to hold back any kind of emotion or feeling is important. Having that instant reaction and tender moment documented is priceless, why not capture those intimate moments! Most couples have to wait until their 30 minute ceremony is over to be able to talk, or embrace each other. After looking into each others eyes for so long during the ceremony the emotion and reaction is completely different for portraits afterward!

-YOU GET MORE OUT OF YOUR INVESTMENT! If you have booked Rob and myself to photograph your day, photography is important to you! We make sure to book only couples that really want amazing photos from their wedding day! So you have invested a lot into your photos, why not get as much out of it as you can! You get so many more portraits if you do a first look rather than waiting until after the ceremony and being rushed to capture all family, bridal party photos, and portraits of the two of you before the reception starts. Eeeeesh! That’s a lot of photos in usually 1 hour given for cocktail hour, not mentioning trying to find Aunt Betty so the family portraits fall behind. Not only do you get more portraits of just the two of you, but you get to have more fun with your bridal party photos as well! Once your portraits are done for the first look, there is usually time to go ahead and get the photos done of the bridal party too!!! And who doesn’t want to have fun while taking photos with their best friends, it’s a lot better than rushing the whole time, trust us! And what does that mean…..more time for you after the ceremony to mingle with your guests during cocktail hour (that’s right, you get time at your cocktail hour) and actually be on time to the reception!! It’s a win, win!!!

-CALMING THOSE NERVES. My brides and grooms are definitely less nervous for the ceremony and the rest of the wedding day when they do a first look. It’s almost like the first look sets the mood for the ceremony! The bride and groom have seen each other and now it’s time to get married. Trust us the ceremony can and will still be just as emotional as if you are seeing each other for the first time, just without all the nerves. We have testimonials from brides and grooms explaining their love for the first look and how they would do it all over again!! After shooting more than 60 weddings, we have seen what works with timelines and lighting and it’s the way to go!!

-SUNLIGHT. Need I say more! If you are an Amy Allen bride you know how important natural lighting is! It’s embedded in all of my couples heads…they know my love for sun-flare, and for stunning sunlight! LOL Depending on what time of year your wedding is or how late the ceremony starts, a first look allows the couple to have beautiful natural light photos while it is still light outside.

Here are some gorgeous first look photos we got to capture!!

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