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Charleston Southern Plantation | Stylized Shoot and Workshop

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This stunning gold and pink southern plantation inspired shoot is going to have y’all swooning!! 🙂
Although never a traditional working plantation, Old Wide Awake is still characterized by many rolling fields, wooded timbers, and wild flowers and embodes all the character and charm of the past. The main building, once part of a turn-of-the-century general store for the Stono Ferry, sits on an expansive property near the Stono River, inviting guests to enjoy a relaxing afternoon or evening in this quiet country haven. Old Wide Awake Plantation is right outside of Charleston, SC and is the definition of southern charm! The gold and pinks in the details made this shoot not only southern chic, but classy and feminine!
I had so much fun and learned so much from Justin and Mary, I hope y’all enjoy this super stunning stylized shoot!!

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These gorgeous pinks and golds fit my brand perfectly!! SO in love!!

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Old recipes passed down from generation to generation!

5V2A73165V2A7320This gorgeous couple couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other!! Stunning!

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Gorgeous bridesmaids!!

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