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Why it might be a good idea for you to have an unplugged wedding!

So there I am at a beautiful wedding capturing the sentimental moments; the ring exchanges, the “I do’s”, the kiss, and then the walk down the aisle as husband and wife! I mean the wedding photographer is supposed to capture it all right!! RIGHT!!! But wait oh no, Uncle Bob just jumped out in front of me! Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
In today’s world everyone has a DSLR camera or feels they need to capture the day as they see it from their eyes as a guest at a wedding. Nothing will erk a photographer more than trying their hardest to get some amazing photos and then having someone jump in front of them or having everyone looking down at their phone or camera screens.
The first one bugs me a bit more only because there is only one ring exchange, only one kiss, and only one exit! Once it’s missed it is gone, poof never again will you have that moment again! I have had backs of head shots, guests jumping out into the aisle to get shots of the bride and groom kissing or exiting and so many more. As a guest of a wedding I feel you should want to be APART of the wedding, be truly present and support the bride and groom in what they are embarking on on that special day…leave the rest to the photographer!

I understand the guests want to leave with something physical that they can have or touch from the wedding, and photos leave you with memories and something to look back on. But as a bride and groom I know most, if not all would prefer to get a ton of amazing shots from your photographer rather than a couple of okay shots from your Aunt Betty!
Having “unplugged” weddings help us out tremendously and seriously go a long way! If your guests know that you want them present and in the moment of this sacred day, I think they would understand and leave the devices in the purse or in the car.

With that being said there are some really great ideas and cute ways to let your guests know you are having an unplugged wedding. I have a wedding this weekend and they sent out an email to their guests informing the guests to be “unplugged” .

First, we are having an “unplugged” ceremony!
It is important to us that everyone be able to truly relax and enjoy our marriage celebration. We invite you to be fully present with us, and we respectfully ask everyone to be “unplugged” from cellphones and cameras so we may have the pleasure of seeing your faces and smiles. Thank you!

A few more ideas…..

* Put a nicely displayed sign at the ceremony. Have a chalkboard at the entry of the ceremony explaining you are having an “unplugged” wedding.
*Have it stated in your programs or invitations.
*Have your officiate mention it at the beginning of the ceremony.
“The couple respectfully requests that all guests honor the sanctity of this moment by turning off cell phones and cameras.”

Commit to showing your guests the photos after you receive them, after all that is all they want! TO remember a day that was so special to them, your wedding day!

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