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Why engagement sessions are so important!

On your wedding day you will probably spend more time with your photographer than anybody else! It is crucial to feel comfortable with them and trust them with your day! More times than not most couples feel very awkward or uncomfortable in front of the camera and it is the photographers job to make you feel as comfortable as they can! Trust me if you are uneasy or uncomfortable it will show in the photos! An engagement session helps with this!

During the engagement session I learn so much about my bride and groom and they learn a lot about me. We exchange stories and laughs and by the end I feel like I’m leaving knowing I have made new friends! If you have someone you can trust and be comfortable in front of taking your photos, you will be more relaxed and feel more at ease in front of the camera! Plus we have so much fun in the process!

Think of it as a trial run for your wedding day! It gives you a chance to get those nervous jitters out and get comfy with the camera! Engagement sessions allow me to see how you interact with one another, and how you show your love towards each other. Are you silly? Are you quiet? Are you reserved? DO you love PDA and showing how much you love each other to the world? Seeing how you are together during your engagement session helps me know the best way to pose you and interact with you on your wedding day! I’m sure if you’re like me you have a good side and a bad side, I find all of this information out at the engagement session. We don’t have to spend time worrying about what poses you like and don’t like at the wedding because I will already know! Which means more time for you to boogey at the reception!

It will boost your confidence like crazy! When you’re confident, it shows in your images. After my couples have seen how they rocked their engagement session, they feel more confident on their wedding day! Confidence is not something that always comes naturally, especially in front of a camera! But you will be like a rock star on your wedding day, just you wait and see!

Did your fiancé propose at a special place…..maybe where you went on your first date, or somewhere meaningful to the two of you! This is your chance to get photos taken there! You get to choose the spot. From the ice-cream parlor you went on your first date, to the beach where you spent your first summer as a couple, or even taking a stroll through downtown hand in hand! This session is about the two of you and being able to capture the love you have.

Now let’s schedule your engagement session and get some amazing shots! What are you waiting for!!!? 5V2A9211-15V2A7172-15V2A8951-15V2A8991-1  5V2A1607-1IMG_72375V2A1578-15V2A8051-15V2A8025-15V2A8027-1

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