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Workflow & Outsourcing

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Can I start this off with my life has been changed. I started looking into outsourcing our weddings about a year ago and gave up. Either I couldn’t fathom paying someone to edit my work for me, or I just knew nobody could ever get the look right that I wanted. It came down to trust and I just didn’t trust anyone with my work. As photographers we work so hard on the wedding day and even leading up to the wedding day. We have built this trust from our couples and to put the editing, the main part of the outcome that is given to our couples into someones elses hands had me gasping for air when I even thought about it! Rob kept bringing it up as if he knew it would make my life easier. Little did I know he was absolutely right! After a year of searching and searching and searching I found my person, my girl, my outsourcer!

I was searching on ShootDotEdit and there she was. I feel like there was a light shining down on her name from the heavens. I looked at her work and the work she did for other photographers and I had to have her. I emailed her and shortly after received an email back…within 24 hours we skyped going over everything and she edited my next wedding. Now I’m not going to lie and say I was fine and dandy putting all of my faith into her. I knew I loved her work but could she do the same for my work? Could she get the look I was going for…. yes, yes she could!

I am on cloud 9 because I have found her, my girl, my editing queen! I have gotten my life back and it feels so good! If you are a photographer looking for more time to spend with your kids, or in need of some away time from your laptop, I highly recommend outsourcing. It has changed my life and I am forever grateful for my girl Mandy! We have skyped, talked on the phone, text, emailed……anything I need she is there. I feel like if she lived closer we would be bff’s because we have so much in common which is just icing on the cake! Get your life back, go search ShootDotEdit and give yourself the ability to live again. Allow yourself to enjoy the life you’ve been given. Be able to love the art you fell in love with, rather than dreading getting home and being in front of the computer for 48 hours. You will not regret it!!

Our editor just wrote a blog on how to choose the perfect editor for you! Be sure to go over and check it out!!!





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