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Rachael + Phillip

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                      A Southern Rose Hill Plantation Wedding in Nashville, NC

Picture lots of gorgeous southern charm, lavender and white florals, along with a stunning classic bride. This wedding will have you swooning for days! Rose Hill Plantation was the perfect setting for a southern styled wedding with so much charm and Rachael and Phillip were oh so gorgeous! Although it was supposed to rain, all we had was some cool weather paired with lots of wind. Nothing stopped this sweet couple from smiling ear to ear and enjoying every moment of their special day! Plus look at that gorgeous dress, how can you not drool over it!!!

There are certain couples that have so much impact on us and this is one of them! Not only did we have a love for this sweet couple but their families were just as special. From the moment I met Rachael’s mom I knew that’s exactly where Rachael got her sweet and loving personality…. add 2 amazing sisters and I was in heaven! Leaving this wedding I was in tears (ask Rob)….I didnt want it to be over!! There are certain couples that come into our lives and we know that we have been changed in the best way thanks to them! Rachael has the biggest heart and an even bigger smile no matter what comes her way! Although we had some cold weather, and a little wind there is not one photo where she isnt smiling and on cloud nine just in knowing she was marrying her best friend! Thank you two so much for allowing us to capture your special day and an even bigger thank you for being so amazing to work with! This wedding gets us so excited for wedding season and for whats to come!!


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Rachael you are stunning!!! 2016-03-22_00137Z1A8440-1 2016-03-22_00047Z1A8454-1

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The bridesmaids choreographed a special dance just for Rachael!!! LOVE!!!2016-03-22_0017  7Z1A9625-17Z1A9946-1


Coordinator: A Lovely Affair Weddings and Events, Mary Lutz

Cake: Once in a Blue Moon Bakery

DJ: Joe Durivage, Myrtle Beach DJ’s

Ceremony Music: Blue Sands Music

Florist: Madelyne’s Flower Shop

Venue: Rose Hill Plantation

Catering: Rose Hill Plantation


Congrats Rachael and Phillip!!

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