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Bloopers and behind the scenes of 2015 Wedding Season

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What a fun and exciting year 2015 has been for us! Having a big bump for half of this years wedding season was interesting and we had such great support from all of our couples! I am so glad Paisley was able to party and celebrate until midnight with most weddings at the receptions in my belly!!! Also a huge thank you to our wonderful intern Amie for helping us out this year and taking some amazing photos!!! We are so ready for 2016 we can’t hardly stand it!! Here is our life as wedding photographers the good, the bad, and the ugly….but we wouldn’t change it for anything!!


I have the weirdest way of standing fixing dresses, hair…… really anything!


We have some of the best couples…. and bridesmaids!

5V2A18235V2A9251 7Z1A2148 5V2A08695V2A22657Z1A99137Z1A5321 7Z1A5551When your sisters fiance wants to get in all the photos!

7Z1A4637 7Z1A4636

Family photo!!!! I have the prettiest sister and am so thankful for her beautiful friends who get married!! 🙂5V2A2590

Garter and bouquet tosses are one of our favorites to capture….so much fun!!!

7Z1A1498 7Z1A1485

7Z1A9076 7Z1A90837Z1A9897

We have worked with some amazing vendors this year… are a few we absolutely love!! Wedding coordinators make our life oh so easy but the DJ’s make it so much fun!!! Hair and makeup artists are so amazing, and of course we love capturing our beautiful brides getting even more beautiful thanks to them! 5V2A06825V2A90607Z1A6058


We love working with videographers especially when they bring extra lighting!! We always get asked if extra flash is okay….of course!!!! And we have worked with the sweetest most respectful videographers ever! So very lucky! 7Z1A57767Z1A5841 7Z1A6378 5V2A3837 7Z1A98217Z1A57857Z1A1356 7Z1A0634 7Z1A8954 7Z1A4911 7Z1A4925 And of course we love our intern Amie!! 5V2A5570

Engagement sessions in a field while pregnant make for an exciting afternoon!


When you get brought onto the dance floor to do the Wobble, you do the wobble no questions asked!! 🙂5V2A6262 5V2A6227 5V2A6226

The dancer in me just couldn’t stop.

5V2A6219   DSC_1506 5V2A2594 7Z1A54707Z1A6548

So this is what we are doing….spirit fingers!!


DSC_1342 DSC_3454


What goes through my head during sparkler exits…… ” dont run into the sparklers, dont run into the sparklers”!! 5V2A5588DSC_1315

We look very concerned with whatever is going on here!! 5V2A4478


The pregnant photographer stance during a first look! 5V2A5152


We do what we have to to get the best photos and to make sure you dont mess up the aisle before the bride walks down.5V2A3690


“Dont stop believing……hold on to that feeling”5V2A3468


Steven stand like this….OKAY?? Got it? DSC_1224


Why hire two shooters….to get bridal party photos done quicker!DSC_1205 DSC_1188 DSC_11825V2A9757


Rob does an excellent job as a second shooter, as an assistant, and as a bag and bouquet holder!! 5V2A66627Z1A0512 7Z1A1337


Did I mention he hangs all the dress as well!?7Z1A6896 7Z1A8927 7Z1A3219


And sometimes I find him playing pool with the groomsmen. Way to go babe, way to go!! 7Z1A0972 7Z1A1533


He is also my light tester…….7Z1A1560

7Z1A5979 7Z1A66397Z1A8152


and my veil fluffer……7Z1A9390


run Rob run!!!7Z1A6975


And sometimes it’s so windy the veil just flies out of the brides hair…..7Z1A6588


He also goes chasing after the maid of honor when she is no where to be found.7Z1A9508


He also poses with me to help couples to see exactly what we are wanting……cute Rob, really cute!DSC_1264DSC_1258

And when the location and venue is this perfect and gorgeous you have your intern take your photo! DSC_1312 DSC_1379 7Z1A8140


I always try to get photo with our brides if there is time!! Love them and am so blessed to have such wonderful ladies to work with!

5V2A2010 5V2A9104 5V2A9080

My gorgeous bride and my future bride….we were only missing Collette, my past bride!! We absolutely love referrals and these 3 are just the best!! 7Z1A56205V2A62295V2A2586 7Z1A4142 7Z1A65465V2A06805V2A3445

Here is to another fun filled year!! We are welcoming 2016 with open arms!!!


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