Feb 6, 2017

Negativity and getting past it!

I haven’t blogged in a while due to it being winter and our off season. Something has been laid on my heart to mention and talk about lately. This is for all the the doers, photographers, and business owners who actually go out there and do something for themselves and for their business! One of the number one questions we get from photographers that we mentor and vendors that we talk to is how to overcome criticism and the ones who like to talk negative about others and their businesses! The one thing I say to them is some people just cant be happy for others and their success or how far they have come. No matter what you do you cant please everybody. Not everybody is going to like your work and thats okay, not everybody is going to understand how you run your business, and some have no clue how to run a business and thats why they feel they need to talk negatively about others.
Some may find that they need to talk negatively because it makes them look better, unfortunately if they are talking to a professional vendor or someone that knows better, it makes them look insecure and kind of pathetic. So if you are dealing with a negative Nancy or an online bully (someone who sits behind their computer and trash talks pretty much everybody) but has nothing to show for their own business because that’s all they know how to do, girl let it go! And whatever you do, DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT do the same thing they are doing to you. No matter how much it hurts or tears you up inside, do not go down to that level and remember you got to where you are today by being a kind and gentle person with an amazing heart! It always goes around in full circle and thankfully true colors do come out eventually! Success is gained when you look forward and never let anyone stand in your way of what you want! Five years from now where do you want to be? When we focus on the negative it doesnt give us a chance to focus on all the blessings we have been given or the goals we have set.
I hope this helps some because its so sad when I get emails from the sweetest people telling me they are dealing with just the most unkind people and we all have dealt with it at one time or another. Give yourself enough love and grace to go after your dreams and forget all the rest! Broken people try to break people and you are so much stronger than that!

In all things you do, love on people and show them your heart and who you really are as a person and business owner.



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