Feb 15, 2017

Couples Session Giveaway!

I am so glad to share that we are giving away a couples session to a lucky couple! It will take place in the Raleigh area and will be in March (date TBD). This contest is for couples only, no children! Whether you are engaged, married, or just dating you are eligible to win! Details below and good luck!!

To enter all you have to do is:
1. Follow us on Instagram @amyallenxo
2. SHARE/repost the image I post with #amyallengiveaway
3. Comment under MY image “SHARED!”
4. BONUS– if you tag two friends on my post after the word “SHARED”, I will enter your name TWICE in the drawing!

Drawing will be March 1, 2017.

Prize has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged, gifted, sold, traded, or put on sale or auction. If you believe someone could be interested, feel free to let them know about the contest!



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